What’s the One Thing Holding Back Your Café’s Success?

What’s the One Thing Holding Back Your Café’s Success?

What’s the one thing holding your café back from true success?

As a café owner, you’re always striving to provide top-quality coffee and keep your business evolving.

But do you ever feel like something is missing?

You might have fantastic coffee beans, a well-trained staff, and the best equipment.

However, there’s one crucial element that often gets overlooked and can determine your success: data.

What do we mean by data? Simply put, it’s having all the precise information in numbers that show what’s working and what needs improvement in your café’s operations.

Only with this information can you make strategic decisions that truly elevate your business.

So, let’s explore what these critical data points are and, most importantly, how you can obtain them!

Quality Control

With the right data, you can ensure every cup of coffee you serve is of the highest quality and taste, consistently meeting your customers’ expectations.

Imagine knowing in real-time:

  • How many coffees made today met the desired quality.
  • How the quality of your coffee varies throughout the day.
  • Whether the exact recipe is being followed for every type of coffee.

Consumption Monitoring

  • How many coffees were made today
  • What types of coffees were they—single or double shots?
  • What are the peak times and days of your business?

What can you do with this data? For example, by knowing when orders drop during the day, you can introduce happy hour or other promotions to attract more customers.

This way, you can turn a challenge into an opportunity for higher profits!

Supply Management

Is there an unnecessary waste of your supplies? How much should you order and when?

With the right data, you no longer have to guess, because you’ll know:

  • How many kilograms of coffee were used last week.
  • How many kilograms of coffee you’ll need for the next 30 days, and more!

Equipment Monitoring

Is the coffee machine being cleaned properly?
When should you change the water filter?
How many hours is the machine running, and how much water is it consuming?

By having this information, you can keep your equipment in top condition and avoid damage or neglect.

Now, the next step is to learn how to access this data and more, so you can elevate your café to the next level.

BibeCoffee: All Your Business Data on Your Phone

At BibeCoffee, we help café owners make their coffee machines smart, giving them access to valuable data that ensures their success.

Our team will install BibeCoffee’s innovative device on your coffee machine, allowing you to see in real time on your phone all the data you need to manage your business effortlessly and successfully.

So, if effective management of your business operations has been a puzzle for you, now you know the answer: data!

To unlock your café’s true potential, it’s time to harness the power of data provided by BibeCoffee.

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