How Well Do You Know the Staff of Your Café?

As a café owner, your time is undoubtedly precious. Between the numerous responsibilities and concerns for your business, it’s easy to get caught up.

But, take a brief pause and ponder this: How well do you truly know your business? More specifically, how well do you know your staff? How much do you trust them and why?

Sure, they might be the friendliest, most pleasant, and courteous with customers – all important traits. But is that enough?

Consider this: Do you know exactly how they work and handle situations, especially when you’re not around?

Let’s think about a few key scenarios:

Managing Supplies

Have you ever been surprised at how quickly your coffee supplies run out? And if all that coffee was sold, do your cash register’s numbers reflect that?

Is it possible that your barista, or another team member, is overly generous, often giving away coffees to friends or loyal customers?

Moreover, do you know if they use the correct coffee ratios and quantities, or are they needlessly wasting resources that ultimately cost you?

Equipment Handling

Speed, skill, and experience – these are likely the qualities you sought in your ideal barista. And you’ve probably chosen your barista with these criteria in mind.

But what about equipment care? Quality coffee machines come at a significant cost. Do your staff show the necessary care and respect for the equipment you’ve invested in so heavily?

While you, as the owner, are responsible for the equipment’s maintenance and part replacement, the day-to-day cleaning falls to your staff. This cleaning should adhere to the manufacturer’s specific guidelines.

If your barista isn’t taking this seriously, your business could be headed for trouble. Neglected equipment leads to poor coffee quality and frequent, costly maintenance and replacements.

Staff Management

Maybe you’ve already considered these scenarios as potential issues in your business. The real question is, what are you doing to address them? And more importantly, are there better solutions?

If your solution is to be present at the café constantly, you might want to rethink. Your time is valuable, and it’s unlikely you opened your café to spend all day every day micromanaging.

And if security cameras are your alternative, they probably haven’t solved much. They’re useful for security, but how can they help you understand your staff’s actions? Constant monitoring is impractical and only gives you a partial picture.

Ensuring Peace of Mind

If these issues are a source of ongoing stress, what you need is a comprehensive solution. A system that offers complete information about your staff and all café operations without the need to be physically present.

Enter BibeCoffee, a state-of-the-art system that connects to your café’s equipment and provides a complete overview: remaining supplies, equipment condition, maintenance needs, quality of each cup of coffee prepared, and daily sales details.

These are just some of the capabilities of the BibeCoffee system, accessible anytime from your mobile phone.

But there’s more to BibeCoffee than just these features. Would you like to discuss how it can specifically benefit your business?

Our specialized team is eager to introduce you to the world of BibeCoffee and how it can elevate your business to the next level.

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