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Innovative telemetry solutions tailored to your business needs.

In an industry where only 27% of coffees served meet roasters' standards, and 73% falling short due to poor brewing practices, consistent quality is a top challenge for all stakeholders. BibeCoffee’s telemetry solutions are designed to address this challenge, providing actionable insights and tools to scale up quality and improve operational efficiency.



Coffee Shop Owners

You can boost your sales & reduce expenses, by monitoring easily your daily business.


  • Increase revenues through targeted actions
  • Boost competitiveness with high-quality coffee in every cup
  • Monitor remotely coffee machine maintenance and staff performance
Coffee Shop Owners

Coffee Chains

You can control multiple locations at a glance!


  • Ensure consistency across all points of interest (POIs)
  • Simplify operations with real-time monitoring and stock management
  • Gain remote visibility into coffee sales
  • Reduce costs with preventive measures and remote control
Coffee Chains

Coffee Roasters & Distributors

You can control remotely your global network & coffee machine fleet.


  • Gain full visibility into sales and operations
  • Safeguard your brand by ensuring quality consistency worldwide
  • Ensure efficient maintenance with real-time data and actions
  • Manage remotely your global network and coffee machine fleet
Coffee Roasters & Distributors

Coffee Machine Manufacturers

You can accelerate your business with telemetry, the new industry standard!


  • Equip machines with cutting-edge technology and be at the forefront
  • Remotely access fleet data and diagnose machine behavior
  • Access valuable  technical  insights and improve operational performance
Coffee Machine Manufacturers


Peter G

In Covid-19 times, this kind of technology will be mandatory to keep track of our assets since on-site visits will no more be that easy.

John K.

The coffee quality produced is our company’s number one priority. BibeCoffee service enables us to have full visibility of every coffee cup served, guaranteeing that quality coffee is always served without compromises.

George B.

Coffee Machines’ maintenance is one of the costs we want to reduce without jeopardizing the quality of our coffee. With BibeCoffee solution, we optimise our technicians’ schedule improving our operational efficiency.