Real time monitoring of coffee machines usage and consumption data at a glance

What it is

an IoT monitoring solution that helps coffee suppliers to ensure brand quality and minimize revenue loss.

Who is it for

Coffee Makers & Distributors

Coffee Machine Makers & Maintenance Companies

Coffee Chains

Individual Coffee Shops

How it works

Bibe device is designed to be compatible with every type of professional coffee machine. Through Bibe Apps for coffee distributors, coffee chains and coffee shop owners are now able to monitor their connected coffee machines’ usage and get an overview of coffee consumption data, at a glance, even on the go.

Why bibecoffee

Brand Image

Quality Assurance

Revenues Increase

Proactive Maintenance

Automatic Ordering

Sales Forecast

Marketing Intelligence

Prioritisation & Logistics

GPS for Recovery

Energy Monitoring

At BibeCoffee we believe that the World of Coffee needs to get technologically enhanced with solutions that will guarantee the highest quality of coffee everywhere! We designed a simple, robust & effective solution using innovation as the mean to address our customers’ requirements.

“Coffee machine sophistication made simple”

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